are you plastic enough?

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Contest of the month- Get as many people to join as humanly possible. Write in every journal entry you see if thats what it takes. The more people say they heard about this community from you then the more votes you get on becoming #1. First, Second, and Third place will be awarded.

Prizes for winners- First place winner will earn a layout (anything they want) with matching icon and fo banner and a banner that says Member Of The Month at barbie__world Second place will be a custom fo banner or header with icon. Third place will get a custom icon.

This is a rating community. We are going to rate HONESTLY, based upon whether you're well rounded or not (well rounded meaning, you have brains, talent, looks, etc. and not just ONE good thing about you)
Dont be bitchy and talk back to the mods if you're being voted on, because you will be banned immediately.
Always use an LJ cut for applications
We recommend you be at LEAST 13 to apply..if you're younger and think you have a chance, apply but be warned!
You cannot comment or vote unless you have been ACCEPTED, and if you do, you will be banned
You have not been accepted until you have been officially stamped with the accepted banner
if u wryte lyke dys ..then you will be banned (spell things out)
to show that you read the rules, write "Imagination, Life is your Creation" in the subject line
you must know the difference between "their", "there", "they're"...and "your" and "you're"
this is a PRO-BUSH community. Watch out..haha

be as nice to applicants as you can be. If you are going to say "no" to the aps, then dont be a bitch about it but nicely state the things you didnt like and how they could possibly change it. If the official mod thinks that you are being too vicious, then you will get ONE warning
Please try not to advertise a lot. I dont mind one OCCASIONALLY because i know how hard it is to find a community that will let you advertise in...but if i think that this privledge is being abused, then i will outright ban the use of advertisment
You have to be active, vote and promote sometimes, and if you dont think that you can do this, dont apply. If you are going on vacation you must make an entry explaining that.
The main mod (Herzy4) can override any decision (it depends--if the vote is sooo close, then that is what the override depends on..applicants are lucky if i like them =) )
and last but not least...just have fun =)

What year is your class?
What are all of your known nationalities?
Dating Status?
Do you play instruments? (which ones?)
What do you think about George Bush?
Why do you think you should be in the Barbie__World Rating Community?

Bands (singers)?
What is your favorite thing to do?
tell us something you find interesting, or that you love, about yourself

be honest...do you know the difference between "your", "you're", "there", "their", "they're" ??
Promote the Barbie__World Community in at LEAST 2 user LJs or LJ communities, and show us the links. (yes, we DO check if they're real)
How did you find out about this community? (show username)
Paste at LEAST 3 pictures of YOURSELF which are VISIBLE

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