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Name? Ally
Age? 13
What year is your class? 2010
Location? Melbourne, Australia
What are all of your known nationalities? Australian, English, German & I think my last name originates from Scotland
Dating Status? I've been with my boyfriend for 5 months now =)
Do you play instruments? (which ones?) Guitar, how original
What do you think about George Bush? I'm not American and I don't really know much about politics...but I've heard he's made a few bad decisions and people around here aren't too fond of him.
Why do you think you should be in the Barbie__World Rating Community? Haha I love the name!! Thats what made me want to join!! I'm very girly and I love pink! =)

Bands (singers)? Bon Jovi, Boxcar Racer, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Maroon 5
Colors? Pink, black and baby blue
Movies? Thirteen, A Walk To Remember, How To Deal & Mean Girls
Shows? Home & Away, it's an Aussie TV show
Stores? Umm...well Australian stores are different to American stores, so, the brands I like are Chanel =P, Billabong, and a few from Australia, Supre, Ice & Diva
Sports? Softball & Football
Books? Speak, Falling For Joshua & Chasing Charlie Duskin
Foods? Pizza & chocolate
What is your favorite thing to do? write poetry, hand out with my friends or have a heart to heart with my boyfriend =)
tell us something you find interesting, or that you love, about yourself: I love that my hair is naturally blonde, and everyone else in my family has dark hair

be you know the difference between "your", "you're", "there", "their", "they're" ?? Yes I do! I've kinda just learnt "there and their" but yes I know them =)
Promote the Barbie__World Community in at LEAST 2 user LJs or LJ communities, and show us the links. (yes, we DO check if they're real)
How did you find out about this community? (show username) I typed in "barbie" in interests
Paste at LEAST 3 pictures of YOURSELF which are VISIBLE
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